Q&A with Ontology Network

In light of the article about Ontology Network I wanted to ask the team a few general questions and some questions about their token model. They were so kind to answer me so in this post I would like to share my questions and the answers from the Ontology Network team with you all. Now on […]

Ontology Network – Solving issues in Trust systems

As explained in the first part in this series of articles about NEO’s vision of a Smart Economy, to create a smart economy we need to have pretty much everything within it automated, fully secured and built on trust. NEO is working together with Ontology to realize this goal. The founders of NEO and Ontology […]

NEO – Building a Smart Economy

Over the coming weeks and months I will be focusing on a series of in-depth articles on NEO’s vision of a Smart Economy. This first article will focus on NEO itself and what their idea of a Smart Economy actually is. From there we will take a look at their partners in this Smart Economy […]

Symbiosis – NEO and Ontology

After all the news that has come out about Ontology there has been a number of people starting to get worried Ontology is going to take over what NEO was supposed to do. In this first post I want to explain why this is not the case, and in what way NEO and Ontology compliment […]


Hi there and thank you for visiting cryptobasixx.com! Here I will be updating with the latest news on existing projects we think are interesting and new projects coming up. Please bear with this ugly design until the site is completely up and running the way I want it to, in the meantime I will be […]