Welcome to Cryptobasixx! We are aiming to be a portal for new people interested in cryptocurrencies who don’t know where to start but also for people who already have the basic knowledge and are looking for in-depth info on the best cryptocurrency projects for the long term. Our goal is to make cryptocurrencies more mainstream and to save people from the risks and dangers of jumping into cryptocurrencies without the right knowledge.
So on our website we will be covering multiple things:
  1. A step by step guide of how to purchase your first cryptocurrency with the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular platforms to buy and sell.
  2. A guide as to how you can trade your cryptocurrencies for others. An example would be when you want to trade the Ethereum (ETH) you bought for NEO (NEO).
  3. Extensive research on projects we think will be here to stay for the long term.
  4. Specific information from the Japanese community as to what cryptocurrencies are popular and news only released in Japanese. Japan is one of the biggest when it comes to cryptocurrencies but because of the language it’s difficult to get good info.
If you miss anything or would like to see something specific on here always feel free to contact us on info@cryptobasixx.com!
Also please follow us on twitter for frequent updates and news! 😉