Crypto Guidebook

Here we will explain step by step how you can start buying your own cryptocurrencies.


Step one – Buying crypto with fiat (EUR/USD/JPY etc.)

This is where we explain how to start your journey of cryptocurrencies. We will explain where you can buy, and what platforms you can trust.


Step two – Exchanges

To buy lesser known cryptocurrencies you will need to sign up to exchanges. From there you can trade your BTC, BCH or ETH for other cryptocurrencies.


Step three – Safely storing your cryptocurrencies

As you buy more cryptocurrencies and/or their value rises, you want to make sure you store everything the right way. There have been hacks before and people losing their money, but it is not that difficult to prevent this.


Step four – What now?

After buying in and setting everything up, what to do next? We wille explain how you can keep yourself up to date with the latest info on cryptocurrencies.