First steps – Buying

So you decided you want to join the gold-rush and buy some cryptocurrencies. But where do you start? Bitcoin is the most easy to get and there are multiple websites where you can buy them. The only issue at this moment is the fact that Bitcoin is quite slow and the transaction fees can be high. Bitcoin was not meant to be that way, I won’t go into details but unfortunately it’s not as easy to use and with bigger adoption of cryptocurrencies more options will become available. Still as of this moment the only way to get most cryptocurrencies is through trading it for Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). So our first step is to get that Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.

Where to buy

In this article we will be explaining about our favourite websites to buy cryptocurrencies:

  1. Coinbase
  2. Lykke
  3. COSS (TBC)
  5. NEON Exchange (TBC)

Please see below a short explanation on the platforms and why we think they are the best to start with. Click the links below to go to an explanation of how to buy on each platform.


Coinbase is one of the most popular apps/websites to buy cryptocurrencies now. They have an app which makes it easy to buy your first cryptocurrencies. It’s also probably one of the most safe options out there. They have been having some trouble with the huge influx of new users, and both the website and app have been slow or not working well. Still, I think this is one of the best options to start buying into cryptocurrencies until more options become available. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how make your first purchase.


Lykke is not a big platform (yet) but I think it is working quite well. The founder is a co-founder of the well known FX platform Oanda. To me this and the fact how they handle things shows this is a serious project and it is safe to put your money in. I have bought a few times through their platform and though fees are a bit higher it works very well. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how make your first purchase.

COSS (Crypto One Stop Solution)

COSS is as the name explains so beautifully simple, a one stop solution for cryptocurrencies. At this moment it is just an exchange and they have their own cryptocurrency where you can share in their profits. Soon they will have the option to deposit USD/EUR etc. and buy cryptocurrencies directly. I would suggest you set up an account and get verified so when they do start trading directly with fiat currencies you are ready to go.

SBI Virtual Currencies / SBI MAX

SBI is one of the biggest banks in Japan and they are heavily invested in cryptocurrencies and companies that have to do with cryptocurrencies. In January 2018 they will be launching SBI Virtual Currencies in Japan and SBI MAX in Hong Kong, both are exchanges where you will also be able to buy directly with JPY/USD/EUR. We have signed up for SBI Virtual Currencies with the pre-registration but unfortunately it’s not open to the general public yet. Once one or either of the sites open for registration again we will be giving updates and will guide you through the sign up process.

NEON Exchange

NEON Exchange is an exchange/fiat gateway built on the NEO platform. This is not released yet at the moment but we think this will be a big platform going forward and definitely worth to follow. As soon as there is any more info we will let you know.