Binance is one of the newer exchanges that has a lot of options and works pretty smooth. They have grown to be the biggest exchange in a short time and are doing very well. They also have a mobile application which is quite rare and can be handy if you are out and still want to trade. In this article we will explain how to set up a binance account and make your first trade. It’s not is hard as it seems, you just have to know what you’re doing 😉
Please start by following this link to start the sign up process.
Start by filling in the below fields, put in your e-mailaddress and desired password. The number in grey can’t be changed and is like an account number for you.
Next this screen comes up. It’s just to prove you aren’t a robot. Drag the slider to the point where the piece fits the puzzle and proceed.
Next you should get an email in which you have to click the verification link. If you click it you can login, then you do the puzzle verification thing again and next the below screen should pop up. This is a security warning, and it is HIGHLY recommended that you set up Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication.
After clicking ‘Google Auth’ you should see below screen. First you have to download the Google Authenticator app on your phone. The Orange block should be a QR-code that you can scan with the app. When you scan it with the Google Authenticator app a code consisting of 6 numbers should show up. Next please write down the code in the yellow boxes, this is your backup code. When you lose your phone you will need this code to get back in to your account so make sure to write it down. Next click proceed. Here you have to fill in the code on your google authenticator app and then it should be all set up. I will explain more about 2FA in Step Three but for now make sure you set it up as described above.
It’s best if you set up your account verification so you can withdraw more money per day. 2 BTC is the max for 24h and it is a lot for most people but you never know when you need to. If you want to do this just click ‘Submit Verification Documents’ and send a copy of your passport. It’s quite straightforward, just follow the instructions on the page. If you don’t want to do it you can do it later.
After setting up your Binance account, please proceed here to start making your first trade.