Registering on an Exchange

Here we will be giving some recommendations on what exchanges to use, and how to register.

What Exchanges do you recommend?
  1. Binance
  2. COSS
  3. KuCoin
  4. Bittrex

Besides Binance this is in no particular order and it all depends on what you are looking for.

About the Exchanges

Binance is one of the newer exchanges that has a lot of options and works pretty smooth. They have grown to be the biggest exchange in a short time and are doing very well. They also have a mobile application which is quite rare and can be handy if you are out and still want to trade. Check how to register and to make your first trade here.

As I explained on the ‘First Steps‘ page, COSS is aiming to be a one stop solution for cryptocurrencies. It is definitely going to be one of the most interesting and versatile platforms and I think it could get a lot of traction in 2018. As of now the amount of cryptocurrencies on there is limited but it is increasing constantly. Check how to register here.


KuCoin has a similar system as COSS and it will let holders of their token get in on the profits they make. These profits decrease over time though and are less interesting then COSS in our opinion. But, KuCoin has NEO pairs where NEO is the base asset and they have pretty much all of the NEO tokens listed which no other exchange has at this moment. Check how to register here.


Bittrex used to be the biggest exchange, but recently Binance overtook it in volume. Though Binance is performing better overall it still is an exchange that works well and has quite a lot of different cryptocurrencies. Check how to register here.

This is an exchange that is listing some interesting cryptocurrencies that sometimes are not on Binance. It could definitely be worth registering here just in case you want to get in on something new. Check how to register here.

SBI Virtual Currencies / SBI MAX

SBI is a Japanese bank and they are launching exchanges in Japan and Hong Kong in 2018. SBI is also working with Huboi and I think their exchanges will become quite big going forward. Check how to register here.

These are just a few options of the many out there. I think these exchanges will cover most cryptocurrencies. Sometimes there are smaller exchanges listing newer cryptocurrencies, we will give a heads up if we find any interesting ones that are only available on said smaller exchanges and how to get them.