The Basixx

This is just a short introduction on why cryptocurrencies are important, why you should get in and our idea on how to make the most of it all.
So, I’m sure you have heard of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and bitcoin otherwise you would probably not be here reading this. We’re not going to go into the technical details here as there are many websites explaining this very well. If you are interested in the technical details I would suggest to start reading the bitcoin whitepaper ( as this is the holy bible of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
Why are cryptocurrencies so important? As is starting to become more and more clear, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will be changing the world as we know it. You can compare it to the invention of the internet and it will probably change the way we do business, payments and a whole lot of other things within the coming years. There are so many projects that outsmart current ways of doing business and transactions are many times faster and more secure. At the same time there are a lot of fake projects and cryptocurrencies that are just jumping in to get a lot of money and are not going to be around very long.
The difficult part is to distinguish the good and the bad cryptocurrencies. Even within the top 20 based on market cap there are some projects that literally have no working products or are just straight-out scams. A lot of ‘professionals’ and reporters on the news are saying this is the big crypto bubble, bitcoins price is not going to sustain and everything is going to collapse. In a way this this is probably true, just because of the huge amount of fake projects or projects without any product that have insane prices. But there are undoubtedly a few world-changing ideas out there being made and they will be separating themselves from the rest. For example you can already see this in NEO, a Chinese project that is creating a ‘Smart Economy’ combining a lot of different blockchain projects and connecting it to real-world businesses.
Looking at the internet/dotcom bubble you could say we might have a similar situation coming up with cryptocurrencies. It did not end well for a lot of investors and regular people when the bubble burst, but I think people that found Amazon back then between the countless amount of other websites and believed and invested in them are quite happy now. Amazon is just one example and if you think about it you can easily name a few others. This won’t be any different with cryptocurrencies, they are here to stay and all you have to do is do your due diligence and find the projects that are going to be the next Amazon.
So we at cryprobasixx are here to help everyone find those world-changing projects and help you step-by-step to jump in while this whole thing is still just starting up! Just make sure to not fall for the day-to-day heavily fluctuating prices and think long term 😉